SharePoint Master Page Invalid Error - Simply Resolvable

Microsoft® SharePoint users sometimes become victim of difficult situations especially when an error message such as ‘SharePoint Master Page Invalid Error’ strikes on computer machine. Microsoft® Windows SharePoint services comes with a useful feature of 'Master Page' which helps in defining a single page template used for designing multiple new pages. It helps in keeping all the shared elements of site in master page and adds required elements to content page individually. Via this, you obtain better modifying experience for SharePoint Foundation pages.

When looking over a page or attempt to save one of your current workflow by using SharePoint designer, at that time the error message can flash on your computer screen such as:

Master page error in SharePoint designer

When error comes up?

The error like ‘SharePoint Master Page Invalid Error’ appears when the value of ‘MasterPageFile’ indicated as invalid or inappropriate and not present in site's Master Page gallery. SharePoint uses certain tokens to refer master page from a content page. Dynamic token "~masterurl/default.master" use ‘MasterPageFile’ attribute with the ‘MasterUrl’ property. In the same manner, the dynamic token "~masterurl/custom.master" makes use of the ‘CustomMasterUrl’ property and ‘MasterPageFile’ attribute. These tokens get replaced by the values in the ‘MasterUrl’ and ‘CustomMasterUrl’ properties. If these values have not been defined properly you will find Master Page Invalid Error like messages.

Repair Error with two methods:

Manual: Here is manual method to repair master page error in SharePoint designer. The steps are as follow:

  • Firstly Use SharePoint Designer to Open Top-level site
  • Explore Master Page Gallery which is to be found at: “catalogs > masterpage” and find the “default.master” page
  • Right-click on “default.master” file after located and choice “Set as Default Masterpage
  • Now, you maynot get that error when you try to open the page and edit

The aforementioned steps are extremely long and confusing to repair SharePoint Master page error. So, it's better not to use manual method and get on with online SharePoint document recovery tool.

Professional: If the error still persist and specify the database corruption then, you need to take a professional help. This method is fast and stupendous in resolving error message issue. It provides ease of accessing and carrying important functions with SharePoint data. This software executes simple working steps for recovering SharePoint Server database and makes you free from any type of error message because software supports all of them. It enables to fix corrupted SharePoint items along with deleted sites with its advance GUI techniques.

Note: By using commercial solution, you will have ease and comfort.