How to Remove Orphaned from Windows SharePoint Content Database

Corrupt entries defined as "Orphan" in SharePoint Server either it is in content database or in the config database. Config database entries may not match the site table in content database or there is no entry in Config database of content database. Decrease the config database and re-add the content database is the easy workaround for this situation. It is the wonderful way to delete corrupt entry in config database. But unfortunately, this process won't work in the orphan content database condition.

Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 has a feature of command-line operation which you can use along with the Stsadm.exe command-line tool. Through this command-line tool it is possible to delete SharePoint orphan objects from content database. It remove various orphans items including the documents that have no parent document library, lists not owned by any Windows SharePoint Server 2.0 website, list items not related to any lists and so on. The drawback of this tool is that, it creates additional orphaned items that cannot be deleted.

Apply Some Commands to Delete Corrupt Entry in SharePoint:

If you want to remove orphan from Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 content database then, you have to follow the below procedure:

  • Select ‘Run’ box on ‘Start’ menu and type ‘cmd’ command and then click ‘OK
  • Run the following command in command prompt: Run command
  • Run the below mentioned command for indentifying the content database orphaned items: Indentify Orphaned items from Content DB

Stsadm.exe command line-tool finds and displays the entire list of containers that stores orphaned items:

  • Run the given command to delete SharePoint orphaned objects: Delete SharePoint Orphaned items
  • Use Stsadm.exe command-line tool to repeat the aforementioned process until no orphaned item is available
  • Remove orphan from Windows SharePoint Content database and then reattach it to the Virtual server.

Use Professional Tool to Repair SharePoint Orphaned Items

If the aforementioned methods fail to delete corrupt entry in SharePoint content DB, consider help of SharePoint file recovery application. By using third party professional application like our SharePoint recovery software, you are capable to safely repair corrupt SharePoint DB with ease. It recovers all your important DB along with meta data, site content and attached documents. It has some user-friendly attributes to handle even a worst corruption condition in safe manner and get back your data in workable form.