Abrupt SharePoint 2010 Compels To Repair SharePoint Config Database

During usage of SharePoint Server, you may encounter the error with text " Cannot connect to the configuration database ". This error may come to you due to improper usage of SharePoint Server databases. These bothersome consequences may knock your door some day so; better to keep backup of SharePoint config db.

If you do not have replicas for executing the process to restore SharePoint from database backup then, you should acquire a tested application. Excellent software is for recover SharePoint database from our organization is devised with purpose to repair SharePoint Config database along with recovery of SharePoint database elements which are damaged.

How to Cope Up With the Error?

If you tried to settle the issue couple of times, still getting the same error ‘ Cannot connect to the configuration database ’ Then, it is suggested to use commercial solution only.

Reason : The ‘stack trace’ information explored by computer running with SharePoint Server will let you know about exact reason behind this error. You may also get a suggestion from your SharePoint Server for handling the concern.

Workout: You can use addselftosqlsysadmin.cmd script to add your account to sysadmin group as well as afterwards you need to execute some commands to settle out the issue.

Donot Follow Bothersome SharePoint Revival Process

The above mentioned workout to repair SharePoint Config database is not helpful. Manual process for recovery of SharePoint database considers having technical know-how because; you have to execute certain commands for SharePoint database revival.

SharePoint recovery of our organization is a brilliant tool to resolve database corruption from damaged and inaccessible SharePoint databases as well as restore SharePoint config db. This application is integrated with various features that made the utility perfect to repair SharePoint Config db intelligently. Three distinct editions (Personal, Business, and Enterprise) of this SharePoint repair tool are available for offering ease to run this application within distinct environment.