Repair MSSQL$SharePoint Error for Fixing Damaged MDF Files

SharePoint recovery is an online utility best suited in adverse data loss scenarios. This application repair SharePoint Server database when you fail accessing data because of corruption scenarios. This app helps to achieve the recovery of SharePoint MDF file along with content, wiki, website etc. The user-friendly interface makes the task of saving all the recovered files at the desirable location.

Error based situation in SharePoint:

Consider a scenario, according to which when you uninstalled SharePoint and reinstalled again, a strange problem occurred. You find an MSSQL SharePoint Service error message as depicted in the below mentioned image:

Failed to Start database service SharePoint

You wanted to install Windows server 2012, SharePoint 2013, SQL 2012, and TFS 2012, on one VM for doing some tests. However, after installing SQL and SharePoint, running the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard, the error " Failed to Start database service SharePoint " mentioned above appeared which has made data inaccessible and stopped all the organizational tasks.

Fix the issue: To repair MSSQL$SharePoint error, you can follow given below steps:

  • First, Go to ‘regedit.exe
  • Then Browse through ‘HKLM_Local_Machine/Software/Microsoft/Shared Tools/Web Server Extensions/15.0/WSS/
  • Change the value of attribute named ‘ServerRole’ commencing from SINGLESERVER to APPLICATION

The steps aforementioned will not desirably help. Though, several other methods can be well tried after this problem, like: running Windows Update, installing hotfixes, but no use and as a permanent solution to repair MSSQL$SharePoint error is last but not the least hidden in external SharePoint file repair application.

Repair MSSQL SharePoint Service Error with Simple Operative Tool:

Operate this app for fixing all the error based cases and repair SharePoint Server database. It will also assist help while restore deleted SharePoint records. Recovery of SharePoint MDF file can be done with any of the Windows OS and SharePoint edition, as tool works with all of them. Interface of the tool is interactive and self-narrative which is helpful feature for less trained computer users. If cost of the tool is compared with other companies you will find it affordable for all the three licenses.