Repair Corrupt Site Column from SharePoint Server with Easy Solution

Microsoft® SharePoint Server is found in various workplaces all because of ease in working. Most of the administrators install SharePoint Server 2010 for enjoying the benefits of Business Connectivity Services which provides possibility regarding combining external data sources into SharePoint including with the assist for upgrading, trashing and inserting data into those sources. The area of Business Intelligence along with Workflow supervision has improved.

Error message with SharePoint 2010:

After created site column from SharePoint 2010 when administrator tries to access site columns, he/she comes across an error message such as:

This error appears because site column is damaged. When you tried to use SharePoint UI and SharePoint designer to delete column, you find an error message that Site Column object can't be instantiated. There is a command inside the Powershell you have to run for fixing this issue:

If the output display the column is damaged or corrupt, then try the below command to delete corrupted site collection column:

How to fix and recover corrupt site column from SharePoint?

In such case when site column get damaged or got corrupted then user can easily recover data by following methods:

  • Method 1: If any recent backup available user may successfully restore data and site column from SharePoint backup available to them.
  • Method 2: In case no recent backup available and your column failed to remove and now you run across multiple error pop-ups then, you need to repair corrupt site column from SharePoint Server with a trusted and secure third party commercial ware like SharePoint 2010 file recovery tool. The utility is programmed so well that Along with recovering site column it also has the capability to recover corrupt SharePoint server site index, documents libraries, site files and folders, searches, meta-data, alerts, workflow, etc.

Repair and Recover SharePoint Site Data with this Significant Tool:

It is quick solution that easily repair corrupt site column from SharePoint Server. It also facilitate to retrieve SharePoint site data, libraries, documents, searches, alerts, workflow state, associations, permissions, custom views, metadata etc. If you have deleted site for repairing then our software can do this also with high comfort quotient. It is capable solution to repair data from any of the error based situation. This application reflects in free demo video which you can watch anytime. Fully operable version is available in very affordable price.