Recover Deleted Site Collection with Absolute Perfect Solution

SharePoint does not provide a handy way to administrators to conveniently recover a deleted site or site collection. SharePoint in versions 2007 onwards, Recycle Bin supports recovery of list items and entire list. In case SharePoint site disappear or mistakenly deleted, the solution is for restoring site collection from backup of database.

There are two methods to Retrieve Erased SharePoint Sites

  • Restore set of SharePoint Site from backup
  • Restore from SQL Server backup

Steps for Restoring Site Collection from Backup:

Suppose you have not updated site collection backup but you have backup data and you wanted to recover deleted site collection by using SQL server backup by using following given steps:

  • First of all create a new database and restore via SQL server
  • Then go to, command prompt and use stsadm command in order to add content database onto your site stsadm.exe -o addcontentdb –url

  • After this, run IISRESET

  • Now, go to Central Administration and watch the entire list containing content databases for your web application under Application Management. This should be consisted of two-first the old one which has zero sites and second one which is currently attached.

  • After this, delete the old database
  • Doing thus much, go to the URL

Drawbacks to Restore Missing SharePoint Sites method

This method has no surety to work, if it is the case of severe corruption. It is better not to use this and look for some other solution. To run steps is not an easy task unless and until you are well-versed with technical skills. If you miss any of the steps in between, you need to follow the entire processing again.

Recommended Solution-Use Online Software:

If you are thinking to use SQL Server backup solution then also you will not going to get absolute results. So, why not go for some simple solution rather. The easiest solution is resided in professional SharePoint recovery tool.