Steps that How to Restore SharePoint Database

Below mentioned successive steps of SharePoint recovery process, using our software, with relevant screen instructions would construct an easy answer to all your questions like: "how to recover SharePoint documents?", "how to restore SharePoint 2007 &2003 sites, content database?" or "how to restore SharePoint database?" etc. Following are some easy steps that you can effortlessly perform a task of file recovery for SharePoint Server

First install SQL Recovery software then proceed with simple steps:

STEP 1: Go to Start menu » Programs » Run SharePoint Recovery. Following initial screen of the software will appear.
Click the "Browse" button to select the corrupted SharePoint MDF file.

SharePoint Recovery Software Recover database & help that how to restore SharePoint site


STEP 2: Now, browse the MDF file and Click on "Open" button:


browse MDF file


STEP 3: After that, you will be able to see the location path of the selected MDF file. Click on "Recover" button to start the recovery process:


choose damaged database to recover Database File


STEP 4: Then, you will be able to view the Status in the prompted window, as shown below:


see the recovery status


STEP 5: See the Preview of all components of repaired MDF file (like sites, documents, lists, search etc). Now click the "Export" button (present at the bottom of the Window) to save the repaired MDF file to your system.



STEP 6: There are two Saving Options (SQL Server Database and SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts) software will provide. Choose any one option out of them and click the "Save" button for saving the recovered data:



STEP 7: Choose any one Export/Save Mode:

  • SQL Server Database: On choosing this option, software will save/import the repaired MDF file in an existing SQL Server database. On selecting this option, you will be asked to provide all the database credentials (like Server Name, Database Name, Username, Password etc). Then, you have to select the tables, & views procedure to be saved from the left-bottom panel and finally click the "Save" button.



STEP 8: Software will be asked for saving the deleted records as shown below (If you want to export deleted records as well, then click "Yes", otherwise click "No"):



STEP 9: Now, software will start the recovery process and you will be able to see the status as shown under:



STEP 10: S After the completion of the revival process, software will prompt you about the completion as shown below. To open the recovered file Click the "Close" button: