Solution to Fix Common SharePoint Problems with Ease

The sole aim of Microsoft behind providing a solution like SharePoint is to help organizations create a collaborative environment within all the employees. When so many users work with an application for workflow, obviously the amount of data will rise and then more storage space will be required to give data the required space. This basically affects SharePoint space configuration which consequently will have adverse affect on its performance. In such situations, an administrator or the general user of SharePoint will face un-satisfaction. In the upcoming section of this post, we will discuss some common issues with SharePoint size and what measures can be adopted in order to work around them.

Some SharePoint File Size Errors are:

Problem 1:

SharePoint database comprises of documents, presentations, images, videos and much more. The media files are generally heavy in size and increases the database size. As a result, the browser time out enhances, affecting performance of application. Here the recommendation is to remove SharePoint file size error, if there are various media files then they should be saved on external storage medium.

Problem 2:

After a particular time period, the data become useless and to manage the storage space for new data, one should remove that less significant data time to time. If no attention is paid towards the un-relevant data, it will surely cause some sort of issues while working with application. Here, the recommendation is to delete/shift that data to secure destination which can be cloud or file share. Of course you have to spend some amount to safeguard data.

Problem 3:

The database of SharePoint gets stored in SQL Server in an unstructured form. The data gets saved as BLOB (Binary Large Objects) and in case the SharePoint database gets large in size, it will take more resources of SQL and consequently when a user works with SharePoint, every process will time consuming. Here the suggestion is, shuffling the BLOB database to SQL secondary storage like NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Stop all Troubles with one Affordable Solution

This was a highlight on SharePoint problems that occur due to storage limit and what could be done in order to stop further occurrence of problem. There are various reasons that are responsible to cause issues with SharePoint and to the worst can cause data loss. To work around them, an organization should have a solution like professional SharePoint database retrieval tool to remove multiple SharePoint corruption reasons.

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